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How do you clear a bad credit history from my current address?


The previous people who lived here before me were in so much debt they had a bad credit history.Whenever I want to get a catalogue or anything similar they wont let me as they just look at the address. Is there anyway I can clear it from my address so i can get catalogues?


Although years ago bad credit history was linked to an address, and a person with bad credit living there could affect everyone else at the same address, it was stopped a couple of years ago as its was so unfair.

Now debts are only linked to a person, not to an address, and the debts move with the person. Anyone living at an address does not affect anyone else there, unless they are tied in some way like husband and wife.

Unfortunately, this means that there is something wrong with your credit rating. It may be that you simply haven’t had much credit before, so you are an unknown quantity, or there is a mistake on your credit file, or something on there you didn’t know about.

I would get copies of your credit file from both credit agencies, experian and equifax, to make sure the info on there is correct. If its not you can write to them and get it amended.

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